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The Dark; The Delicate

Mending the heart is a delicate process.

Over two weeks, I witnessed the contents and structure of my heart demolished and rebuilt. Perhaps "demolished" exaggerates, but it sure did feel that way.

No, it was not demolished fully, but it was restructured carefully and what came out of that period is remarkable.

One day, the storm was at its strongest.

The next day I woke up in peace, and that peace grew into the next days, and everything after that changed. The storm could only last so long, so long as I honored that the clouds were there and the rain they had to offer to Earth. They did their work and cleared.

The fundamental principles I was working with:

I welcomed the pain I was experiencing and did not shut it away.

I recognized the pain I was experiencing and asked it questions to know more.

I witnessed the pain and watched how it changed my body, mind, and heart, and watched what it did not change.

The delicacy was in the way I created a relationship with my pain. I did not deny that relationship and that was the first, and the most difficult step.

In the end, such a relationship is one with myself, pain being an expressing of something within me; my soul. I did not deny that part of myself. In Jungian psychology, one might say that I recognized my shadows and accepted them. That's all they need sometimes, to be seen and heard, to be known.

And then the the darkness can step into the light.

Photo by Jordon Conner on Unsplash


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