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Weathering Any Storm

Let nothing stop you from going within and finding your strength, your peace, your ability to weather any storm.

Today was a windy day. A couple nights ago I had a dream that I was standing in my previous house which was built in 1925, looking out the window. It was a windy day and houses began to lift out and fly across the neighborhood. I was afraid my house would fly, but I looked closer and noticed a pattern: only the new houses were flying, completely detaching from their foundations. In the dream I realized that the older homes were more established and "their roots" were "more firmly planted."

To me, this dream says many things, but I like to see it as a reminder that the ancient and strong roots of Yoga as a tradition, a lineage, and a science, is a way to ultimate freedom and stable, firm, unshakable peace.

I wish for us all to know this unshakable, weather-proof peace.

With Love,


Photo credit: Ivan Vranic on

Originally sent to the Creative Energy Yoga e-mail list

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