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Sound and Music for Today


Sound is so important. What are you listening to these days? Music? News? What you listen to is so important and affects you on many levels. Be careful with sound. It took me years to realize how sound was affecting me negatively: sounds of the news, talk radio, humming of refrigeration. It's been years since I've listened to the news partly because of this. Have you ever noticed echoes of talking chatter lingering in your mind well after you stopped listening to talk radio, watching TV, or the news? It's not your imagination.

While tolerating certain sounds is more possible for me now, it requires a careful process of separating sounds from my consciousness so they don't affect me. It's easier to read news, but these days it changes so fast. So what do we do? Use sound to our advantage. There is plenty of scientific research to demonstrate the effect sound has on our minds... and thus, bodies. The mind affects the body; we must care for the mind and let the mind's tranquility penetrate the body.

Music/Sound: What are you doing for music? If you've taken my classes or sound immersions in person you've noticed how calming music and certain sounds can be. I've witnessed this response in people just about everyday for the last nine years. Sound is powerful and you can use it now.

I encourage you to find calming sounds and melodies to guide you through the day. You can play music at a lower level during live-stream classes, but especially during the day and into the evening. Listen to the sounds that close your eyes naturally and give you an inner sensation of bliss.

Blissful sounds playing in the backgrounds of our homes and minds; they'll change the environment of your home, mind and body. Just remember, calming sounds have certain qualities - prolonged, rhythmic, harmonious. So while you may enjoy rock and roll, etc. be sure to also seek out the calming sounds that trigger your parasympathetic nervous system as science has shown.

Here are some examples that I enjoy:

Blissful for me:

Blissful for me:

For meditation or background:

For playing in the background:

Hum, sing, chant. Use the power of sound. At the very least, it will help you feel more relaxed and at ease.

With Love,


Photo Credit: Magnus Jonasson on

**Originally an e-mail sent to the Creative Energy Yoga e-mail subscribers

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