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Plant Shadow

Improve Your
Video & Audio Online

A workshop to shed light on the tools that will improve your online presence, personally & professionally

Next Online Workshop

Tuesday, January 11, 2021
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Eastern Standard Time
Only 10 Live spots available

Can't make it?

All registrants will be e-mailed the workshop recording 24 hours after it's over.  E-mail us with any follow up questions and we'll get back to you with 24-48 hours.

Registration Information

$25 pre-registration
Class is on Zoom

Tailored to You

As part of the registration process, you'll be asked about the content you want to get online and any initial questions you have.  This will help us tailor the workshop to fit the needs of the individuals for each session's group.


Included is time for Q&A plus

additional e-mail follow-up questions.

about workshop

Learn Video & Audio to Get Your Work Online


With Sandy Naimou & Randy Olson

You don't have to be a professional production artist these days to create quality video and audio.  The technology needed to look and sound great is becoming more available, less expensive, and easier to use.  

In this digital age, this new era, being able to show up online is vital for our business, organizations, livelihoods, and especially our creativity!  With the internet, we share with more of our fellow humans than ever before.  Having everyday access to the level of visual audio production that suits your needs and budget is the key to sharing online and reaching others.


There are plenty of pre-recorded online courses to help you figure this out, but we'd like to sit with you LIVE and get to know you to really help you out in an efficient way based on your specific needs.  We're looking to create an intimate conversation where we can learn and grow through each other's creative efforts to further support you in yours.


In fact, while online tutorials have helped Sandy with the small technical pieces, it was trial and error, lots of experimentation, and Randy's technical know-how attitude that allowed us to work with video & audio in ways we thought were out of reach, but were actually very accessible.

Sound Inspiring?  Phew.  "We did it." 
That's one of our favorite sayings: We did it! 
We want you to be able to say that for your own online presence.


It's time to get your business online, share your talents, and connect with people who can benefit from your video and audio offerings.  

We'll help you figure out how to produce:

  • Educational recordings

  • Multimedia social media posts

  • Live client sessions & group meetings

This workshop is great for anyone who wants to improve audio visual offerings, such as:

  • Health Professionals

  • Sound Healing Facilitators

  • Yoga Teachers

  • Educators

  • Artists

  • Anyone who attends live-stream events or posts on social media!

You'll get a broad overview to help you understand

what is possible with:

  • Lighting ($0-100)

  • Audio equipment ($100, $300, $500 price points)

  • Video equipment ($100-200)

  • Free or purchased software for video/audio capture and editing

You'll also learn how to:

  • Make intelligent decisions during the planning process to save time with a simple workflow

  • "Work with what you have" more effectively

  • Make one vital change to make a big difference

Plus there's time for Q&A to tackle your burning questions!

When you register, after paying through Paypal, you'll get a Zoom link that asks you a couple of questions.  Your answer will help us tailor the workshop to the needs of the group.  We are very much interested in helping you with your specific situation.


How to Register

  • Click the "Pay Now" button to pay through PayPal

  • You'll then be redirected to Zoom so you can fill out the registration info.

  • An e-mail with the zoom link will be sent to you to confirm your registration 

  • A reminder e-mail will be sent an hour before the workshop


We're excited to see you soon!


for the workshop

Improve Your Video & Audio Online

Tuesday, January 11, 2021
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Eastern Standard Time

$25 pre-registration
Class is Live on Zoom with recording sent within 24 hours

Can't Attend Live?

No worries!

Register as if you're attending live and answer the Zoom registration questions.

You'll get the recording with 24 hours.  

If the recording of the live session doesn't answer your questions, e-mail us your questions and we'll get back to you between 24 to 48 hours.

about hosts

Sandy Naimou & Randy Olson

Your Hosts

Hello!  We're Sandy and Randy. 

Sounds catchy, we know! People usually remember us in rhyme and you just might too.

We've worked together over the years to get Yoga classes, sound healing instruments, and lectures online through both recorded and live sessions. We spent years applying trial and error using anywhere from low cost USB microphones to professional grade equipment and software. We're excited to share with you what we've learned so you can skip right to content creation.  Here's a bit about us:

Randall has a Bachelor's degree from Central Michigan University, is certified in Information Technology Support, and produces recordings of live lectures for The Theosophical Society in Detroit and other wellness organizations.


Sandy has a home studio that they are both constantly upgrading in order to record Yoga classes, sound healing sessions, and audiobooks. She has spent countless hours learning various techniques and software to digitize her work.


We think we’re a fun couple to be around, and hope to make this educational workshop a fun learning experience for you!

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