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Yoga Nidra with 
Full Sound 

The best version of you is relaxed.  This full experience brings you into stillness, allowing you to relax into the sound of being, and bringing you closer to your best self in waking life.


Saturday evening 
5:45 - 8:00 p.m.)

Door opens at 5:30 p.m.

Registration Information

Early bird special:
Save $15| Register by ***($45)

Regular: $60  registration

Space is limited to 8 people to maintain a healthy distance
Please wear a mask while walking around. Masks encouraged but not required while lying down.
Class is located at:
The Theosophical Society
27745 Woodward Ave
Berkley, MI 48072

Yoga Nidra a deep state of relaxation in which you are awake, and yet, you go deeper and deeper into a higher state of consciousness.  This state might be reflected internally as one that is flowing in the sea of life, of awareness, which is both healing and enlightening.  At the physical level the brain itself will come to a slower rate of vibration, towards the Alpha brain state, and possibly even the Theta state.  Theta is equated with a meditative state of consciousness.

Research shows that 30 minutes of yoga nidra is equivalent to 4 hours of deep sleep, giving the body a thorough opportunity to rest and heal.  
To help you achieve this state, Sandy will guide you through various exercises, some of which include group chanting and a few gentle yoga postures.  Once you lie down, she'll guide you into relaxation.  You'll experience guided meditation, visualization, sounds of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, a gong, and other harmonic sounds to help you go deeper into a yogic sleep.  Body, mind and soul will rest in the receptive and nonjudgmental mode of Being.  The typical experience is beyond words.  Kate will have a special herbal tea prepared for the evening.  She'll explain the herbs and benefits and then we'll share the specially prepared nourishing tea.

Being guided into this deep state means that deep relaxation is readily available to you, offering a practical method for restoring body and mind.  

Turn the video's volume up to hear these crystal singing bowls, rain stick, and fairy chimes, which are just a few of the sounds you will hear in this journey.

Reserve your spot!

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Yoga Nidra

Click "Buy Now" and choose the number of tickets you'd like to purchase.   
Due to Covid and limited space the cost of this event has gone up, but so has the time and value!  We hope you'll join us in this special experience.

Session Full. Please join us for the next event on January 8.

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Space in the room is limited.  You can  pre-register by the day of the event, 2:00 p.m., either online or by contacting me.  If you haven't registered by 2 pm, contact me to make sure space is available to register at the door.               


What to bring:

Bring items for comfort (yoga mat or sleeping bag, hydration, blanket(s), pillow, etc! We will not have props available as there were in the past.

E-mail Instructions:

You'll receive an e-mail from Sandy with reminders and instructions as we get closer to your event (1-2 days prior)! 

Cancellation Policy:

If your plans change, you can apply this purchase to a future workshop/class or receive a refund.  If you are feeling unwell, we ask that you stay home.  Please give as much notice as possible so that your spot may be offered to others in line.  Do your best to make this time for yourself- it's worth it!

E-mail Sandy to inform her of any changes A.S.A.P.


Yoga Nidra Workshop
Gentle yoga, Full sound immersion & Intentional Tea
with Sandy Naimou & Kate Gould

YOGA NIDRA is a deep relaxed yet wakeful state, a "yogic sleep," in which we experience a higher state of consciousness, that state of being the "silent observer," the "quiet watcher," the "witness."  We are able to achieve this by supportive techniques.  In this offering, we go through a process involving gentle yoga, guided meditation & sound immersion. Those who fall asleep still receive all the benefits! Yes, it's that good!  


Yoga Nidra involves lying down and being aware, aware of the sensations, thoughts and feelings that you are experiencing.  Imagine being in a deep sleep state but you are conscious and aware.  Some liken it to lucid dreaming, others describe it as the stage between being awake and falling asleep.  Yoga Nidra is a yogic sleep, a deep state of pure relaxation where we have consciously engaged the relaxation response and go as deep as we can to experience the Silent Witness that exists in each of us.  Your brain waves come into the theta state, often described as a magical state of consciousness that is difficult to maintain.  Yoga Nidra employs techniques to help you maintain it.

Now, imagine the end of a typical one hour yoga class where we rest lying down for a few minutes in "corpse pose" or ​savasana (shavasana).  Been there?  ​Multiply that feeling by ten!  It's powerful! ​ The relaxation response is triggered with deep breathing, meditation, visualization, and sound. ​We'll be experiencing all of these. 

Guided meditation will help you journey deeper into a relaxing state after which you'll hear Sandy and Kate play sound healing instruments.  You'll be lying down, snuggled up, absorbing the sounds and clearing away tension in the mind while opening up to clarity in the heart and your higher mind, where Intuition can be brought down from the Soul.

MANTRA/CHANTING in the beginning of our practice helps calm and center the mind.  Self-generated sound healing is a powerful way to begin, to release, to feel, to heal, and to sink deeper into what this experience has to offer you.

YOGA postures incorporated after the opening of our practice is meant to release the layer of physical tension you're holding in the body.  This will allow less physical distraction and more awareness of it at the same time.  It is a controlled awareness.  Less body tension allows for deeper relaxation.  Movement is important before you rest lying down for a good hour!  

Blankets, pillows, sleeping bag, Yoga blanket, Yoga mat, sleeping pad, whatever you need to lie down on a floor comfortably for an hour or so.  In case you'd like extra cozy nestling, bring blankets and/or pillows, an eye mask or light kerchief to cover your eyes for darkness, and anything else your heart desires for comfort.
Bring a water bottle for hydration.

****There will no longer be community blankets/pillows available so please bring your own.***



We will share an intentional tea to close the session.  Kate Gould will provide an herbal tea blend that she'll prepare specifically for this evening, and she'll introduce the tea's benefits as we mindfully introduce them to our bodies.  Individually wrapped low sugar snacks will also be enjoyed with tea.


Imagine your mind as a spacious and vast sky, just like the one above you. There are times when this sky is filled with clouds of liquid droplets, frozen crystals, suspended particles keeping you from seeing the light above them and under them. Your physical body, your emotions, your thoughts, and all the tension in between, layer upon layer, clouding this sky and keeping you from seeing clearly. You've felt the difference between a "cloudy" and a "clear" mind. You already know what I mean!

This workshop, using pure quartz crystal singing bowls among other sound healing instruments, is about coming into clarity and the feeling of knowing. When we can clear our inner selves, we can more easily trust ourselves. We already know deep down inside, we just need to clear the overcast sky and see that internal flame. Seeing clearly in the mind and heart shines radiance into your life, so that everything all around, as if sparkling, looks different, even the darkness, the sadness and the pain. 

I hope you'll take time to join me to shine your clear heart!
Let the Mind's Radiant Clarity sparkle and tickle your bones. 


The session begins with a warm welcome and opening exercise.  We move into self-generated sound, mantra and then a few gentle yoga postures to release tension and relax the physical body.  You do not have to have experience with yoga for this.  Lying down comfortably, the guided meditation and sounds will help you come into an even deeper state of relaxation and a deeper state of consciousness, a heightened state of awareness that is integral to spiritual healing and transformation.     


You'll feel different, changed, and yet much more like yourself.

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Reserve your spot!


Sandy Naimou

Sandy Naimou has been teaching Yoga since 2011 and practicing since 1997 at the age of 17.  While her practice has changed over the years, some things have remained constant, such as her dedication to and faith in the practice, and her love for sound as a way to experiencing an inner silence and connectedness.

A little more about Sandy...

Sandy has always loved to infuse sound into the yoga classes she teaches to facilitate presence and deeper relaxation.  She has offered numerous sound meditations since 2018 in classes, workshops and retreats, combining the power of sound with techniques of Yoga Nidra.   

In addition to sound healing, Sandy has leaned on chanting since she began Yoga and is a stickler for proper Sanskrit pronunciation.  These last few years in particular, she has focused on making peace with her voice, something she had long felt self-conscious about.  Now she uses her voice daily using various techniques to prepare for meditation, or to simply calm her mind.  She has also begun producing audiobooks as part of her deep respect for sound and tone.

A firm believer in the power of sound in both sound healing instruments as well as self-generated sounds of the voice, she is now focusing on facilitating vocal sounding sessions and speaking to others about collecting their own sound healing instruments for a daily practice.  After the recent hiatus on in-person indoor sessions, she's super excited to bring back in-person Yoga Nidra and sound immersions.

If you'd like to read Sandy's most recent blog post about one of her own experiences in Yoga Nidra and about the power of sound, click here.

kate 2.JPG

Kate Gould

Kate Gould has been making health and well being products since 2008. Specializing in cannabis therapies and tea crafting, Kate has been honing in on her craft in recent years. She is a certified yoga instructor who actively practices Karma and Raja Yoga. Kate is a warm hearted friend who is looking to better herself through listening and actively practicing life.

A little more about Kate...

Tea crafting came out of a childhood home that used healing herbs as infusions and decoctions to heal.  A love for tea crafting came from a continuous desire to create liquid tasty drinks that have potential to positively change one's energy.


Health and beauty products came from a desire to create something out of plants and herbs. Kate wanted to create products that had minimal ingredients and were naturally derived with an added bonus of cannabis. To make something with the use of cannabis to show others what the plant's potential was as full plant medicine has been key. This was a way to educate the community on cannabis history and future possibilities. Kate has been making topical ointments, lip balms, and massage oils for more than a decade. 


As a Certified Yoga Instructor Kate actively pursues Karma and Raja Yoga. Through these two practices Kate has found a meditation practice she calls Inner Journey Meditation. You can find Kate offering Inner Journey meditation at The Theosophical Society in Detroit.

Kate has recently started a path with sound healing/sound journeying. She has partnered with Sandy Naimou to facilitate sound immersions with her Tibetan singing bowls, elephant bells, and Shamanic Drum.


The Hosts

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