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Live Sessions Online

Physical Yoga

Receive individualized attention to refine your physical Yoga practice.  

  • Specific posture modifications to meet your body's needs

  • Instruction to help enhance your strength, flexibility, body awareness, & balance

  • Tools to help you manage thoughts and emotions that can lead to anxiety, stress, and depression

  • Aid the healing process of old injuries

  • Find the right amount of challenge

  • Experience deeper rest & relaxation

  • Access to your recorded sessions

Sanskrit Chanting

Mantra, sacred chanting, is based in creating patterns with sound to connect with deeper inner realities, through which we can embody higher energies and achieve spiritual insights about ourselves and our Oneness with Life.

  • Learn how to pronounce Sanskrit words and read transliterations

  • Get the basics so you can learn any mantra you desire

  • Learn specific chants with individual attention

  •  Implement a sound instrument based on what you already have

  • Access to your recorded sessions

shiva mantra lyrics.png
Spiritual Wellness

Focus on your spiritual wellness and align your life with it to experience the vibrancy, wholeness and connectivity of Life.

  • Address different areas of your life and gain insight into how they can connect

  • Experience individualized sound healing created for your specific needs

  • Bring to life a spiritual practice that's unique to you

  • Create a practice rhythm

  • Heal old wounds 
  • Open up to your soul's potential
  • Access to your recorded sessions

Newer Yoga teachers can benefit from linking up with an experienced teacher.

  • Learn your teaching style

  • Gain confidence in leading transitions,  offering modifications and adjustments

  • Establish a sense of trust with your abilities and offerings

  • Get practical direction on the technology involved in giving online classes

  • Receive individual attention on your marketing strategies

  • Strengthen your teaching by strengthening your own practice

  • Access to your recorded sessions

Group Yoga Session
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All sessions are virtual through Zoom.

The rate is $75 per one-hour session.

After your first session you can choose to purchase multiple sessions in advance with a discounted rated.  

10% off 4 class purchase

20% off 8 class purchase


You do not need to purchase multiple sessions to continue.

To schedule a session, please e-mail or call me:


Feel free to contact me if you have questions on any of these or other offerings as well.

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