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Sounding & Meditation



Experiential group sessions using the voice for healing & meditation in the privacy of our own homes.  Each session focuses on a specific practice, such as chanting, humming, toning, or singing. 

There is 
power inherent in the sound
of each sacred voice.

Next Session:
Full Moon Humming

Wednesday, October 20, 2021
7:45 pm - 8:30 pm

Eastern Standard Time

Can't make it?

Anyone who registers will be

e-mailed the class recording 24 hours after it's over.

Registration Information

$15 pre-registration
Session is on Zoom

Image by Annie Spratt

"Music is organized sound... All life, including ourselves, is held together by sound.  Each of us emits a "note" at each level of our beings ---physical, emotional, mental and spiritual --constituting an individual chord.  If we are out of harmony with our environment, with our fellow [humans], or with ourselves, we are creating dissonance within, and clogging the flow of life energies.  It is this dissonance which causes illness and disease.  Music, then, can help to harmonize and restore pranic circulation which facilitates healing."

-Jean Gullo, "Healing with Music,"  from "The Essence of Healing" (p. 210)

about workshop

The voice is your most powerful
sound healing instrument


With Sandy Naimou

What does prayer, mantra, affirmation, and songs of worship all have in common?  They are all delivered through the human voice and they are all techniques for spiritual transformation and enlightenment.

Like all sound, a potent universal energy, human vocalization can harm or heal depending on how we use it.  It can take us to great heights or horrendous lows.  Imagine the most beautiful sound you have ever heard and how it made you feel.  Now, imagine the most awful sounds you have ever heard and how it made you feel.  The energy of sound changes us, and we have our own sound generator within us.  If we use it consciously and intentionally, it has the power to create deep positive change within us as well.


The voice carries the power of prana, life force in Sanskrit.  The voice itself is the breath, a major vehicle through which prana travels. The voice is sacred.  When we discover the power of the voice, we use it with more respect than ever before, recognizing it's ability to create positive change and act as a guide and aide on our spiritual journeys.


These online session are about reconnecting ourselves with the sacred voice and putting it to use, as it has always meant to be done, as an offering to the Divine.

We will share in various practices:

  • We'll begin class with a brief explanation about a fundamental concept about sound, voice, music therapy, the efficacy of vocalization in physical and energetic effects, or a given spiritual practice

  • Engage in a brief exercise/technique for healthy vocalization to open the voice and breathe properly

  • Work with the throat chakra (the energy center in the throat)

  • Focus on a specific practice, such as:

    • The phonetics of the Sanskrit language

    • Chanting of seed sounds - "Bija Mantra"

    • Overtone Singing - Deep voice chanting

    • Humming 

    • Toning with an instrument

    • And other practices that I've learned over the years and new practices that I'm introduced to

  • Have a period of silence for meditation where we can experience the vibrations that we generated


I began this journey decades ago, experiencing the power of sound in many ways, first hand.  But I still hadn't healed my relationship with my own voice.  I've spent the last few years focusing on that relationship, and for the first time in my life, I can enjoy my voice and use its healing power to continue to evoke deeper realizations, strong connections, and spiritual transformation for my life.  

I'm excited to share in your own journey.

Image by Guillaume de Germain

"...every person must know that there is no voice like [theirs], and if that peculiarity belonging to the voice of each soul is lost, then nothing is left to it.  Besides this, every person is an instrument being made distinct and particular, so that no other voice can take  the place of that particular voice. If, then, with the instrument that God has made and the music that God intended to be played in the world, one does not allow that music to be played and develops a voice that is not one's own, this is naturally a great loss to oneself and to others."

-Hazrat Inayat Khan

The voice has the power to soothe and heal the body and mind, the sensitivity to connect us to the soul and the springs that lift us to spiritual heights.

A word or two
about sound...

The power of sound is real.  The fabric of our universe itself, is made of, and some say is made by, sound.  Sound is energy.  Sound travels as a wave-like structure.  Those "waveforms" are what we call "vibrations" in lay terms.  To read more about sound, click here.

"Each celestial body, in fact each and every atom, produces a particular sound on account of its movement, its rhythm or vibration.  All these sounds and vibrations form a universal harmony in which each element, while having its own function and character, contributes to the whole."

-Pythagoras, described as "The Father of Music"

How to Register

  • Click the "Pay Now" button to pay through PayPal

  • You'll then be redirected to Zoom so you can fill out the registration info.

  • An e-mail with the zoom link will be sent to you to confirm your registration 

  • A reminder e-mail will be sent an hour before the workshop


I'm excited to see you soon!


for an upcoming session

Vocal Sound Healing Session

Wednesday, October 20, 2021
7:45 pm - 8:15 pm
Eastern Standard Time

$15 pre-registration
Class is Live on Zoom with recording sent within 24 hours

You'll receive a Zoom link once you register, which will also be e-mailed to you within 24 hours.  You'll also get a reminder & the link  one hour before class.

Can't Attend Live?

No worries!

You'll get the recording with 24 hours.  

Image by Ben Conod

"We're essentially like stringed instruments: One end of our wire is tuned to the infinite - our essence; the other end is tuned to the finite - the material world, our bodies, our egos.  It's not that the infinite is better and the finite is worse.  If we are in tune only with the finite, we will be stuck in continual despair, frustration, and disease.  If we are in tune only with the infinite, we may lose our ability to effectively negotiate our survival in the real word.  Our goal should be to bring the infinite into the finite... It's our birthright to be tuned to the infinite, and being so frees us from our perceptual prisons of victimhood, depression, obsessiveness, and chronic ill health."  

-Mitchell L. Gaynor, M.D.

The Healing Power of Sound, p. 191

about hosts

Sandy Naimou

-Hazrat Inayat Khan

We all have a vocal journey

The voice has been my biggest challenge since I was a young child.  I hardly realized that until I recently watched, for the first time in decades, a video of my siblings and I as small children.  In watching myself, a rush of memories came to me, and I was swirling in remembrances of painful experience after painful experience surrounding my voice.  A fear to be heard kept my voice shut up within me, I realized, because I believed it wasn't beautiful and controlled enough to be enjoyed by others.  That was the moment when I truly, finally, opened up and embraced the voice that I have never accepted.  It didn't matter if it was beautiful or not, it's my voice, I realized, and I will nourish it as it nourishes me.

So, it's not ironic that here I am, wanting to help you learn to utilize your healing voice for your spiritual healing and transformation and for that of others.  That's the way this universe works.  When we transcend our challenges, we come to know those challenges in deeper ways then we ever did before.  And the way to transcending those challenges is, in my experience, a big chase.  I've been chasing after the healing voice for decades.  And I'm excited to share yours with you.

With Love,


"It is the state of vibrations to which a person is tuned that accounts for [their] soul's note."

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