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Calmness Can Begin as an Attitude


"...the attitude of the mind is everything." -Paramahansa Yogananda


Of everything to do now, despite the common sense of the day, it is to seek peace and calm within ourselves. Calmness can begin as an attitude, but as we practice this way of being, it strengthens and it leads the way to a deeper and deeper sense of peace and true wisdom. Yoga is a way to realizing that our true nature is not how we feel; anxious, worried, happy, angry. On the contrary, those attitudes prevent us from knowing our true nature.

This is the time to get to know ourselves on deeper levels. Use this opportunity to seek the peace that lives within and cultivate an attitude of constant calm. It isn't easy, and that's why it takes practice and consistency.

I am here to help with some of the "hows" of doing this. One "how to" is the physical yoga practice that I'm live-streaming daily. Please utilize this service in any way you can. Be creative. Even if you're listening in your home office while you work because the video reminds you to breathe (thank you for the kind soul that shared that strategy with me!).

If you'd like, share with me how you help yourself find calm these days. I would like to make a general list and share it. This is a great way for us to come together and help and inspire others to find calm that exists within.

With Love,


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***Originally an e-mail sent to the Creative Energy Yoga e-mail subscribers

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