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Shutting Out

I wanted to shut out the world

and say,

"Never, No, I will not."

I wanted to close my heart to one idea

And open it to another, and say,

"Yes" to One, I can love All.

Say "No" to one other, I will not love one.

I wanted for one part of my heart to become cold

And for another to find warmth.

Yet something inside felt unsure

that this part of me knew what she was doing.

And then a great poet reminded me,

A poet with whom I've never been able to disagree,

That the heart fragmented is no heart at all.

The heart offered only in pieces cannot experience real Love.

Loving one person and not All of Life

is incomplete love.

Loving All of Life and not knowing how

to love one person is incomplete love.

Fear of pain and suffering that comes from loving,

fragments the heart,

and builds walls around the pieces.

Bringing fragments together again,

well guarded pieces as if palaces,

is no easy task;

A task that "all the King's horses

and all the King's men"

cannot figure out.

Then how will I?

I will dig my heart's fragments graves

If I do not begin to join them now.

I will make my life more difficult

If I do not see the harm and horror

in fracturing my ability to love.

Only a great poet of the heart

could be so convincing.

Photo Credit: Nick Fewings on Unsplash


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