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Fall away

"Autumnal Equinox" is approaching. The farmer says it's time to "harvest" crops, once seeds. Some say, in the same way, it's time to "harvest" the intentions we planted in the soil of the mind, seeds we planted around spring. I what spring? of what year? of what life?

I don't know when those intentions in my mind will be harvested, I don't even really know what that crop really looks like. I have a general idea, but how can anyone plant a seed and know exactly what that very specific plant will look like, in all of it's fine lines, and design divine? Not until it's been plucked, examined, and devoured will I know. Or maybe, when it falls.

Maybe "fall" was the name given for Autumn to describe another side of the season. Do the crops fall off on their own if left alone? Like the trees that let their leaves go? I feel the leaves of my tree falling away. I recognize that I don't know until now which very leaf would fall until it has, until it will, until it had.

Photo: This leaf was picked up by my son on the way to swim in a pool on 9/20. He is always looking for treasurers on the ground, and is always finding them.


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