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The Source of Your Strength

"Great things are produced first in the mind...

There is no limit to the power of your mind."

- Paramahansa Yogananda


Thank you for hanging in there with me. I've sent you so many e-mails recently and a couple people got fed up and unsubscribed. It's not the first time and I totally appreciate and support unsubscribing to irritating things. On the flip side, I also appreciate the kind words many of who have shared with me now and in the past and I am also glad that these live-stream sessions have benefited you in some way.

I can give you my perspective on all that's going on, but at this time, the most important thing I can say is this: There is always craziness in the world, and each of us is charged with conquering the craziness within ourselves to find our everlasting peace. Stay informed, be smart, and establish your peace.

Words cannot replace action and now is time for action. That means it's time to practice; practice whatever establishes peace and calm within you: meditation, reading, art, music, Hatha Yoga, long walks, sunsets, running, baking, whatever it is. As peace becomes more established, it becomes harder to shake it off. Imagine that! But... it's true.

You know those "Warrior" postures (Humble Warrior, Peaceful Warrior, Warrior A, B, C, etc.)? Let's look at that for a moment. The warrior is not born a warrior, but trains to be a warrior. The Yogi is not born a Yogi but trains to be a Yogi.

Our practice is the training to establish an unshakable inner strength as the warrior must have. We train to have a steady gaze and a relaxed yet active mind to respond efficiently to circumstances, all kinds of circumstances.

To be clear, we are not going to war with someone or something else. We are waging war on our own fears and harmful tendencies that live in particular aspects of the mind. To create a firm foundation of inner strength and peace we have to root out what weakens us and make us crazy; we have to root out misconceptions and the lack of mental control which add to fears, worries, stress. The uncontrolled mind is the target - it has almost always been the target - because it creates obstacles to accessing our internal peace, that real peace that lives within.

Remember, the experience of stress suppresses the immune system and puts the body in overdrive, making it less efficient. We want body and mind to be efficient at all times, not just these times. Peace results in relaxation, relaxation results in peace. We have to relax body and mind and refrain from tensing either one.

The true warrior doesn't doubt this inner strength but believes in it wholeheartedly, and believes in the source of that strength. What is the source? We all have to realize what that Source is; it can't be taught, it has to be realized. That realization is the culmination of our practice.

Practice now, not just because of today, but because this is the same war humans have been fighting for thousands and thousands of years. It's always time to focus on fighting for inner peace so long as we haven't attained it. Pay attention to what you are thinking, feeling, and doing, and practice the thoughts, feelings and actions that bring peace. No, it's not easy, but yes, it's worth it.

Yogis come from all corners of the globe and all religions. They realize the power of the mind, use it, and come out of the battle victorious, immersed in everlasting Love and Peace.

Let's at least try.

With Love, Peace, Determined Effort, and a Faithful Heart,


Photo Credit: Alireza Sahebi on

**Originally sent as an e-mail to the Creative Energy Yoga e-mail subscribers

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