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"The Physics of Love"

Picture of Woman Photo Credit:  Amy Treasure

Every so often I look into a book called "The Physics of Love," written in 1996 by Dale Pond. I have never taken a physics class, ever, and never thought I was at all interested in physics. I'm most interested in humanity, healing, sound, energy as life force, and the power of Love. This book is amazingly relevant.

"The Physics of Love" is based on John Keely's "Sympathetic Vibratory Physics," hypothesized about 150 years ago. John Keely, co-founder of Keely Motor Company, demonstrated that the underlying basis of all natural phenomena is vibration. Modern scientific developments in ultrasonics, acoustic levitation, and quantum acoustics and physics are increasingly demonstrating the accuracy of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics.

Universal Creative Forces

This perspective studies the Universal Creative Forces and their hidden nature and aspects, which we experience as vibration, whether we know it or not! "Everything in the universe vibrates," and from this premise, this form of physics covers so much, such as electronics, genetics, sound, color therapy, physics, health, to name a few. Still, in our everyday ordinary waking life, we don't tend to pay attention to the fact that we are experiencing vibrations every step of the way.

Yogi Wisdom

What I love about this perspective, as I see it, is that it provides working models to confirm, scientifically, what yogis had discovered through deep meditation and thus, higher levels of consciousness. For thousands of years, yogis have maintained that there is an underlying vibration connecting all things - and accordingly, All of Life is ONE. This underlying vibration is represented by the sound of "Om" often pronounced "A-U-M."

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics maintains that All Life is One, and that Oneness is Love and explains how this makes sense. A teeney tid-bit relating this underlying vibration to Love:

"In real human terms, we call sympathy or sympathetic association - LOVE. This is the Law that binds individuals together. This is the Law that binds molecules together. This is the Law that when broken causes chaos, discord and disruption. This is the Law that when adhered to brings peace, harmony and understanding into life and all life's activities." -Dale Pond

Think about it, for a moment. When are we humans most destructive? And when are we most understanding? When we love? Or when we hate? Love is constructive, or as Rudolf Steiner states, "Love is the creative force in the world." We can think about our lives and see for ourselves how true this is. When hatred fills our mind and bodies, chaos and discord result within and without.

This is why I cannot hate even those that hate, destroy and kill others. All I can do is try to understand, not agree, but understand, out of love. I am not here to destroy but to create, to love. Hate compromises my ability to love. In hatred, I suffer and so do you. We all have the potential to hate, just as we do to love. It's hard to operate primarily from Love, but only at first! The soul aligned with Love can habitually operate from Love, transforming all of our experiences and helping others do the same. Once we open to Love and automatically operate from it, we experience a fullness that saturates all parts of our lives.

On September 7, 2010, the Dalai Lama wrote the following: "My true religion, my simple faith is in love and compassion. There is no need fro complicated philosophy, doctrine, or dogma. Our own heart, our own mind, is the temple. The doctrine is compassion. Love for others and respect for their rights and dignity, no matter who or what they are - these are ultimately all we need."

The Point of Sound Healing

Furthermore, discord within our own bodies and minds is that which causes dis-ease. Your body is a "vibrating organization" and when all the organs are in tune with each other, the body is "healthy and harmonious." When one of your organs is not vibrating similarly with all the others in your body, it is "out of tune" with the whole body. The organ in "discord" experiences illness, dis-ease.

The science behind sound healing is based in vibration, where we are striving to create sympathetic vibrations within the human body so that it itself is playing a beautiful harmonious song that is in accordance with the principles of Life. Thoughts that are not based in Love threaten the body, leaving it out of tune with that very vibration connecting Life, that vibration that is Love.

But do we have to know how or why any of this works in order to experience harmony within the body and mind? No! All we need is a sense of faith that there's something to it - to be in sympathy with the idea that sound healing is real and can be experienced first hand, and then go for it.

I'd like to remind you that more and more, our society is continually experiencing meditation, music and sound therapy as effective means to living a life that feels like a beautiful song. More and more of us are taking to meditation and sound healing and incorporating these tools into our lives regularly.

In experience, we learn. It's important to see and feel things for yourself.

In easy way into this experience is to relax into the sound of Being.

With Love,


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