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Low Back & Leg Release

Develop a deeper wide leg forward fold and release tension in the back of legs and low back. Countering deep folds with back bands to activate and strengthen the areas we are achy is vital. This sequence brings both in "back-to-back."

Open Chest Strengthen Back

Great leg strength and length. Includes a side split stretch practice. It's really helpful to have blocks or bolsters handy for this one.

Re-training Habitual Sitting

Changing our habits, undoing habits and neutralizing. This sequence opens up the hips and below, strengthens the arms and upper back, and opens the chest. Re-training the body from typical habits is a must in overall practice of Yoga. As I say, if you have legs or arms, you need to open the hips and the chest.

Open Hips Wrists & Strong Core

Balance strength & flexibility in those trouble areas.

Fire-up and Open-up

Back strengthening, chest opening, arm balance, leg balance, leg/hip strengthening and opening, neck release

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