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Get to know the relaxed, intuitive, creative side of You and Become Who You Are.

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Sandy Naimou

Sandy Naimou 

M.L.A., E-RYT-200

Connect to universal creative energy and
become more of who you are everyday...

Hello!  My name is Sandy Naimou and I'm here to support you in your unique process of Becoming and Being who you are.  Transforming into ourselves involves exploration and discovery and I've personally found the path of yoga, meditation, and the art of expression to help guide the way.

Yoga is a way to Self-knowledge that has resonated with me since I began in 1997 at the age of seventeen.  Over the years, I've learned how to integrate various forms of yoga, meditation, and modes of expression in my journey to create a strong foundation towards the process of becoming... relaxed, open, creative, energetic and free... With this process, we can naturally become more of who we actually are.  Our habits are our second-nature.  Yoga is the means to coming into contact with the first-nature, real, and True.

I'm interested in the various forms of yoga that work in the physical, mental, devotional, as they all pertain to the spiritual.  Relaxation is necessary in all of these realms and is a primary focus.  Deep relaxation through sound healing, Sanskrit chanting, practicing awareness through Yoga Nidra, release and joyfulness in drumming circles, and exploring the hidden principles within; these are where I concentrate my energies.  In doing so, I hope to be helpful. 

You and I are here to grow, to fulfill our highest potential in body, mind, and spirit.  Thank you for letting me a part of your journey and more importantly, Thank you for being HERE, on Earth!   

Upcoming Classes/Workshops

"Sandy doesn't just teach yoga, but lives and breathes it. I always leave her class feeling mentally refreshed :) "


"I tried yoga a few times before and I did not learn to enjoy it then.  Sandy opened my eyes much wider.  I call that teaching.


Sandy is a masterful instructor of yoga and meditation, an earnest teacher/student of the world's wisdom traditions, and a loving and creative for in the mind-body.

Kelsey Dovico

Fullbright Spain Grantee

"Yoga with Sandy is the real deal.  Her classes have transformed my body... and radically improved my body awareness."

Randy Olson

Sandy has been a very caring, skillful leader of my yoga practice... Practice with her gives a good balance of the physical and spiritual sides of yoga... Namaste!

Patt Shanks

GM, Sr. Analyst

"Sandy Naimou's love for yoga and its teachings is a true source of spiritual energy.  Her knowledge and wisdom as well as her ability to uplife and inspire is brought into every class."

Phyllis LaPraire

Certified Hypnotherapist

"Sandy is a talented and gifted Yoga instructor.  She has the innate ability to explain the theory, practice and movements in easy terms that the most basic newcomer can understand."

Mike Rumley

GM Staff Safety Manager

"Sandy's classes are a great fit for both the beginner and experienced yoga practitioner. She considers the individual goals and needs of each student in the practice. Her classes embody the spirit of balance in all things, with a variety of techniques and time devoted to wellness and the quiet mind."


"Sandy is a truly amazing yoga teacher and human being. She helped re-invigorate my interest in yoga through her knowledge, gentleness, and fun spirit during classes. I have become more creative and confident through her encouragement to explore the creative side of myself through my yoga practice."

Keli Kildow-Polymeneas

"I started doing the classes on-line daily when quarantine hit in the early spring and rather than feeling anxious or worried, I felt my body and breath in new and deeper ways, opening more than the physical alone . Thank you, thank you, thank you, Sandy Naimou for offering and sharing this vital practice. Namaste."

Miriam in Michigan

"I am so happy that I found Sandy when I was looking for a yoga teacher. I happened upon her and haven't looked back. She is caring and knowledgeable about yoga as both a spiritual and physical practice.  She continues to learn and grow as a teacher.  This, to me, is the mark of a committed and dedicated professional."


"From lunch time relaxing work stress relief, to gentle weekend nature awareness, all the way through to bringing sanity back from the pandemic anxiety, Sandy has led us to mental and physical relief with her knowledge and humor. I am Extremely grateful for all the yoga guidance you have shared. Thank you and looking forward to all possible yoga adventure to come!"

Donna Tinsley

Let's Practice

Here's a 16-minute guided rest session for gratitude & restoration where you'll connect to & thank your body while you lie down and relax.  

By signing up, you'll also receive news & updates from me. I  respect your privacy. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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