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Donation Information

Class prices are based on what you can give.

Suggested amount is $10 - 20 / class

Suggested monthly amount for unlimited monthly classes $50 - 100 / month 

Suggested amount for unlimited use of recorded classes is $10 - 50/month

I appreciate your support!  Your support allows me to continue this work while also helping those who are unable to donate during this difficult time to continue their practice. 


You may send your class/month fee using the PayPal button below.

If you know me personally, please reach out so I can send you my paypal/zelle/venmo information.  Otherwise, click below to donate! 

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

2 easy steps to access recorded content

join the live-stream community and get access to the live class recordings

View the Recorded Practice Demo

step 1: sign up for e-mails

SACRED practice at home

Add your name below to join the growing list.  You'll get occasional updates on the live online schedule.  Classes are currently donation-based.  

I also invite you to create a login for my website to access the recorded classes and practice at your convenience.  Once you've signed up in this box AND request access to the site through the login box, I'll approve your status as a Site member.

step 2. create a login

Access class recordings on this website with your login.  Get access by filling out your info to the left, and creating a login here: 
Please note that by creating a login to be site member on this site, you are agreeing to be added to my e-mail list.

Thank you for your donations and kind support.  

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