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September 22

The "djembe," a hand drum made of a wood tree stump covered with goat hide, one of the drums we will have in our circle, originates from Mali.  Crafting the drum was a spiritual activity, offerings being made to the spirit of gods in the tree used.  In Mali's Bambara language, the term "djembe" stems from a saying that also names its purpose:  "Anke djé, anke bé," meaning "everyone gather together in peace."  The verb "djé" means "gather" and "bé" means "peace."

Drum Circle!

Offered monthly on a Sunday


If you have a heartbeat, you have a drumbeat!  Speak your heart in your drum, rattle, voice, dancing feet!

Unplug, center, ground, release, uplift!  Bring your drums or whatever you have; rattles, acoustic guitar and such!  Drummers with or without experience, dancers, spectators, welcome.  Let's venture together into the rhythms of our hearts and let those rhythms flow out of our hands.  Group drumming, nourishes body, mind and soul, increases immunity, and changes the body on a cellular level.  Transfer your heart to the drum.  Let it speak!


Group drumming has existed for over 70,000 years and music historians believe that the first instruments ever made were percussion instruments.  


Following the same tempo, our rhythms and vibrations will intermingle in our drum circle, and individual sounds will come together to create one group sound that celebrates our connection.  Let's take delight in our individuality and simultaneous unity with a fun night of drums, movement, meditation, mantra, stories, and song.  


Let us gather together in peace!

Next session: September 22, 2019 

Reserve your spot for a

Drumming Circle

Space is limited so reserving will ensure your spot!

If your plans change and you cannot attend after purchasing,

you can apply this purchase to a future drum circle.. 

Just e-mail me and let me know about the change:

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