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interested in bringing yoga to your workplace?

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~Sandy Naimou

I began practicing yoga in 1997 to relieve back pain and do my work better.  It's done much more than that for me but it still serves my original purposes.

Taking time out while you're at work is a super practical way to maintaining a sense of calm, relieving stress, getting along with your coworkers (who knew?), and relieving tension in your body.

Do you need to have an actual yoga class at work to get the benefits that physical yoga offers? 

NO! But that is pretty SWEET when you can!

YES YES, I'm here to assure you, based on my experience as a student of 20+ years and a teacher of 7+ years, that if a YOGA class at work is not an option, YES, there are other ways to incorporate it into your day.  I'd love to show you how.

Let me guide you through simple ways of making the most of your workday by RELAXING, STRETCHING, BREATHING!  No more going home grouchy because you "had a long day at work." 

Go home happy & relaxed! 

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