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A Moment of Rest

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As a Thank You, here is a 16 minute guided session to help you put everything away and REST.   You may want to read the info. below the video before you get started.

With Love, Sandy

You can play this session anytime from any device that can play a YouTube video, though this is an audio practice only.  Play this when you can lie down and have a moment without interruptions. 

There are no visuals to follow. 


Mostly, you'll just be lying down and listening to the sound of my voice and the harmonies of the healing instruments.  We'll start in seated and end in seating, with one reclining spinal twist before lying down.  I'll guide you from start to finish. 


You'll close your practice feeling a deep sense of gratitude, love, and calm, continuing your day with a more acute awareness.  You can also listen to this before bed to facilitate a more restful night.

This time is about rest, putting all your worries to rest for now, so that you can rest now. Close the door, shut the lights, or lie down outside, but be sure to put away all other distractions and let others know that you are not to be interrupted for these 16 minutes.

May you keep up with your practice, whatever it may be, because as it helps improve your life,

so does it help to improve the world.

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