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The Practical Effects of

Deepening Your Yoga Practice

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You will have a better understanding of your body and how to work with it.   

You may choose to begin a yoga practice, deepen your existing practice, or focus on specific techniques.  All of these options aim to alleviate pain, strain and tension, and improve strength and flexibility.  A healthy, pain-free, body supports a distraction-free mind.

You will know that you are supported, beyond the work that we will do together.  You can ask me questions anytime and I will respond via e-mail or reply in a video for all in the program to benefit from your question.  

You will feel empowered in both your own yoga asana practice at home and in classes you attend.

You'll learn safe alignment for postures as well as techniques to develop and modify them.  This means you'll know how to position the body to prevent harm.  You'll also learn how to target, and therefore better benefit, specific parts of the body to suit your needs.  

You will have a better understanding of your mind, its thoughts and subsequent emotions, and how to work with it.

You'll have various techniques available to you to ease the mind, alleviate restlessness, anxiety, depression, lethargy, and the like.  Honoring your emotions and then distinguishing your thoughts from from your feelings and emotions will minimize confusion and increase mental clarity. 


Making firm in the mind ideas and thoughts that will enrich your life, is part of this process.  While my experience is rooted in Eastern practices, such as Yoga and Buddhism, as a Theosophist I know the importance of honoring the tradition(s) that speak to you.  You will easily see how yogic principles are related to those traditions. 


You will have become familiar with the first and second limbs of Yoga, the 8-fold-path.

You will become familiar with Yama & Niyama, the beginning phases of practicing Yoga, which is about character-building, unconditioning ourselves, and being better humans in this world.  If you are in the study program, you'll become intimately familiar with this aspect of the practice.  Our thoughts and our actions are directly linked, thoughts preceding action.  When we focus on Yama/Niyama we truly transform our lives in remarkable ways.   This is the major focus in the Study & Philosophy program.  

You will have developed a regular spiritual practice. 

This is really what this program is about.  Holding this program together is practice, and strengthening your ability to naturally create a practice and maintain it for as long as it serves you.  Practice is ongoing.  One practice may transform into another, but the practice goes on.  Being true to the soul, we can trust the practice.  

You'll have experienced first-hand the benefits that Abhyasa, or practice, and will be able to make rhythm and routine in your life sacred acts of intention.  Creating and recreating your practice over the years will feel natural and will continue to help shape your life in the direction you want to go.  Before you know it, even putting your shoes on and stirring your tea will become sacred acts of intention.

You will experience the power that rhythm in your life has in building energy and force to flow forward.  You'll easily apply this principle to many areas of your life.

You will learn to naturally shift into a state of consciousness that will support you in different stages of life and life circumstances.

But truly, I cannot know where this practice will take you.

I can only have faith that if you put your heart and soul into anything, it will grow. 

I will do my utmost best to walk along with you.  

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