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step 3: set-up your payment

Please set up your payment.  This is the final Step to get started!

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Thank you for entering your information!  Please complete the registration process by clicking below to set-up the monthly recurring payment. 


(You can cancel at anytime before a billing cycle).


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Deepen your practice with individual sessions with me, focusing on any aspect of your practice, challenges and all! 

Skype or Facetime sessions available.




More individual support offered through the month so you can deepen your practice and get extra support and mentoring towards your progress. 

Skype or Facetime sessions available


*The Basic program has more flexibility in price for those who need a break.  We all have different financial situations and I want to honor that.  If $10 doesn't work for you, please select one of the dollar amounts in the drop down menu, once prompted, that better suits your current situation. 

Perhaps in exchange, you can help me out as well by spreading the word to your friends and family about this program!

Basic Plus

Basic Plus Personal

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